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Casa / Eventos / "Pirates Take Christmas"
"Pirates Take Christmas"

Entradas para concierto 'Pirates Take Christmas'

Pirate's Dinner Adventure
7600 Beach Blvd,Buena Park,CA,90620,United States,
29.75 - 64.95
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«"Pirates Take Christmas"»

domingo Do - tba
diciembre, 2021
dic 26 Do - tba
7600 Beach Blvd,Buena Park,CA,90620,United States,
Entradas de €29.75


Looking for some fun this holiday season? Celebrate Christmas with "Pirates Dinner Adventure". Laugh and cheer as our pirate crew tries to steal Christmas. Will they succeed? Will Santa escape? Will the season be saved? Find out at Pirate’s exciting Christmas spectacular! With a crack of lightning and a jolt of thunder, a classic story of good versus evil unfolds as you and your crew are shanghaied by Captain Sebastian the Black and his band of renegade pirates. Indulge in a bountiful fare, fit for a king as the action swings and swirls around you. With the Jolly Roger flag flying high on the four-story mast of the mighty ship, voyagers can only hope that the love of the beautiful princess will sway the handsome pirate from his dark ways. Enjoy a night full of adventure and shenanigans, perfect for both adults and children as they join the festivities and cheer for their favorite pirate.